When We Became Four: A Memory Book for the Whole Family


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Nuna Children's Gear
From the author of what the Book Authority calls "one of the best pregnancy books of all times," and others call the most clever and creative baby journal ever comes a whimsical memory book for that joyous, chaotic time when the second baby enters the mix. This family-friendly keepsake journal brings the instant big sibling and parents together to chronicle baby's magical transformation from baby bump, to first birthday and beyond while celebrating the whole family's milestones, memories, and adventures with the new baby. With easy checklists, thoughtful prompts, and imaginative sections, you can record:

  • Signs of a budding friendship between big sib and baby (i.e. making baby laugh)
  • Things big sib taught baby and things you wish big sib hadn't taught baby;
  • A hand-written time capsule of baby's favorite things.
This creative, go-at-your-own-pace memory book for the whole family is a great way to bond while creating a keepsake journal that will have everyone laughing, reflecting, and reminiscing for years to come. 


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