A Man’s Guide to Newborn Babies: How To Thrive As A New Father When Baby Arrives! (A Dad’s Guide)


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What every new father ought to know is now packed into this essential guide to the first six months of a newborn baby’s life.

Every man has the same challenges when facing the prospect of becoming a new father:
• “Am I going to have the energy to do this?”
• “I’m worried about fighting with my wife due to the stress of baby care…”
• “I really want to be an active parent for my kid, but do I have the time?”

A Man’s Guide to Newborn Babies is one of the most important baby books you need to become an ace new dad. Go beyond merely surviving the newborn baby stage—aim for a thriving new life when baby arrives!

This guide goes over the critical elements towards taking care of all three people in your family: yourself, your wife, and your newborn. Happy, well-rested, and calm parents make for a happy, well-rested, and calm baby in a synergistic upward spiral.

Inside this book are self-care tips so you can be the rock in your family when baby arrives:
• Get rid of worry once and for all by creating a positive attitude towards your new family.
• Learn to optimize your life so that you have time for baby, your social life, and your man projects.
• How to construct a sleep rota so that everyone gets enough rest.

Learn how to take care of your recovering wife in the weeks after the birth:
• Get to know what is going on inside the mind and body of your wife during pregnancy and post-partum.
• Why your wife may not want to do her own self-care, and what you should do about it.
• Little-known ways to cheer up a new mom so that you can continue on with your hot romance.

The last part has tons of baby-care life hacks so that you can know what to expect as a new father:
• Build battle stations for diaper changing and bottle-washing.
• Never-fail calming techniques to sooth a restless baby.
• The One Thing that you can do to tie everything together.

Now you can build a family you can be proud of. This is one of the most important dad books you can get when you’re expecting. The information in this book is an indispensable investment in your time, energy, and emotional connection with your new family.

Packed with how-to’s, motivation, and tons of irreverent humor, A Man’s Guide to Newborn Babies gets you off to the right start to the best journey ever—fatherhood.

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